Monday, August 24, 2009


Kaixin, my niece's birthday is round the corner ! :D She is turning ONE, this coming Monday. Her parents, which are my cousins, are celebrating her birthday this Saturday. I think she would cry as all her aunts, uncles, grandaunts etc will be there to cuddle her, we would probably be strangers to her except for a few of my aunts. I don't think she will remember her birthday party, she is still so young! I hope she will be fine and healthy. That's the most important thing.

I remember the night that she was borned last year was the day I had my first date. Hahaha. This means that I haven't seen Jack Tan for almost a year. We sent him off last year, at the airport, in tears. I hope he is doing well. Time flies. When I carried her last year, she was just a tiny baby. Now she is one.

Anyway, prelims are going to be over soon ~ :D yay. I can heave a sigh of relief for a while. For a while only. I hope I do well, cause several papers are quite tough to me.

I am so happy, I have completed my HP games :D hahaha ~ 2 of them, the bubble one and the crosspix. Oh man, the crosspix is really challenging. I am so proud of myself. HAHA. I better stop, its addictive, glad that I am not interested in the soccer game and the jumping-dino game which are left untouched. lol.

Anyway, I can't stand certain people who are so proud, boastful and so loud. Why are they so full of themselves? Yes, they MAY have something to flaunt, but do they need to show off? If you are really THAT good, everyone will regconise your talent, even if you don't announce it to the whole WORLD. Besides, these people aren't really THAT successful or great -.-, they just think they are. Senseless people. This just shows how shallow they are.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The weather is killing me. As the temperature increases, the number of times I bathe increase linearly or non linearly. Anyhow! It just increases. I deleted my old template. Can't be bothered anymore with fanciful designs. Lol.

My attention is now shifted to my preliums and my o lvl grade for Chinese. Oh man. I don't want to get it back. You know how embarrassing it is to get a B3 or B4 or c5 ... among the sea A1s. Sigh, someone has to be the poor thing, and I have to be that someone.

Ah well, I have never felt so relieved after examinations. English, Social Studies, Amath are over. Amath was okay for me. I think I will do better than before. SS, I don't dare to say much, I studied Venice and D&D and they came out. Thankfully, if not I would have been crying in my classroom.

Tomorrow is Emath. Lalalala.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello, today Dionne wanted to have a haircut so she went to Yew Tee but it was on fire. Haha, and she was whining about it. Lol, Mildred.

Anyway, I'm rather excited to the trip to the anatomy museum tomorrow, haha. :D

Yesterday, after stepping down we (Secondary 4 Guides) went to Lot 1 to dine and MingXian made it there (: The restaurant's service was horrible! Okay, not the attitude, cause the man who served us patiently recorded around 15 different and misleading orders down with a smile and a waitress helped us to take photos hahaha ~. However, they mixed several orders up and I think they even charged us 2 dollars more(maybe we foot the bill with too many coins and notes, thus they aren't able to count the literal heap of money properly) ! I think they are really unprofessional, it gives me second thoughts of dining there again. Besides, the time they took to serve us was as fast as a snail's pace -.- ah well.
This was how we celebrated? our ROD.
Our handover ceremony wasn't as memorable as last year's batch, sadly.

I was really tired after I got home yesterday, stupidly I took at nap this afternoon, now I can't fall asleep. Sleeping pills please D:

And someone please tell me why I have been receiving SpeedDate emails DAILY ! ARGHS. I didn't even sign up for any DATING SESSION ONLINE OR SHIT. AND I WILL RECEIVE AT LEAST ONE EMAIL A DAY !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

who would know if i was just lying through my teeth, only i will know. im sorry i have to, i dont want any more unhappiness. 1, 0, 6

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello (:

Yesterday, we were supposed to have our ROD ceremony. haha. Finally. However, the seniors said that the Secondary 3s were already tired and their energy were drained due to the NDP rehearsal, in addition, we didn't have enough time to do a proper and decent ceremony. Hence we have to postpone it even though we were all prepped up for it. A handful of the PLC cried. Hmm, maybe I'm glad that we had a last gathering together. It isn't very nice to think of the fact that I am parting with my friends soon.

Haha. That Saturday or Sunday, Si Ying sent me an sms, "Aixin, I miss you." Haha, I thought who was that. I was rather surprised by that. (: We will go out together someday, with the ever busy Qianni. Hope we get the chance to.

I remembered I knew SY from the drama workshop. The thick-skinned one hahaha ~ (: Then, I sat with QN, the one who spoke really fast, she was the one who trained my ears.

However the first few people that I knew when I first stepped in to BPGHS was Shuyang then Dionne. lol. Time flies and Dionne said she is stuck with me for four years. Haha. Too bad long-distant cousin.

Remember our NY plan ~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

thanks for the message you sent.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 year
Sometimes it's hard when you are stuck inbetween.
It's hard to choose when asked for an answer or a choice.
Can anyone stand in my position?
I doubt they will do so.

Why do people have to be so crude with their words?
Even if they are my friends. Don't they know such comments
will hurt me? It's just that I don't appear to be affected,
I take every single comment into heart.
Don't they know that even though the comments are not
targeted at me, I still feel the pinch too?

I know sometimes it is because of what I said that
triggered them to comment about things.
Have they thought of how I would feel?
I feel really upset. I really regret saying things or
even striking a simple conversation after hearing
those nasty words. What can I do?
I can only choose to swallow them;
no matter how acrid they taste like.

When I want to clarify certain things,
sometimes it's too late. They will steorotype
and end of with their conclusion, when I am
the party directly involved. They will think
that I am trying to save something..

I would not tell anyone what they have said.
I don't want to hurt another party.
I feel really guilty since I started the conversation.
Is it my fault that I caused someone to be bad mouthed?

Forgive me.

- If everyone would think before they speak or act.


Reap what you sow.
Is this phrase true.
I really doubt so..

Why even after you have put in so much effort,
your plant doesn't bear fruits.
Wrong method?

Can someone teach me then..


Hope my little niece is fine.