Monday, August 24, 2009


Kaixin, my niece's birthday is round the corner ! :D She is turning ONE, this coming Monday. Her parents, which are my cousins, are celebrating her birthday this Saturday. I think she would cry as all her aunts, uncles, grandaunts etc will be there to cuddle her, we would probably be strangers to her except for a few of my aunts. I don't think she will remember her birthday party, she is still so young! I hope she will be fine and healthy. That's the most important thing.

I remember the night that she was borned last year was the day I had my first date. Hahaha. This means that I haven't seen Jack Tan for almost a year. We sent him off last year, at the airport, in tears. I hope he is doing well. Time flies. When I carried her last year, she was just a tiny baby. Now she is one.

Anyway, prelims are going to be over soon ~ :D yay. I can heave a sigh of relief for a while. For a while only. I hope I do well, cause several papers are quite tough to me.

I am so happy, I have completed my HP games :D hahaha ~ 2 of them, the bubble one and the crosspix. Oh man, the crosspix is really challenging. I am so proud of myself. HAHA. I better stop, its addictive, glad that I am not interested in the soccer game and the jumping-dino game which are left untouched. lol.

Anyway, I can't stand certain people who are so proud, boastful and so loud. Why are they so full of themselves? Yes, they MAY have something to flaunt, but do they need to show off? If you are really THAT good, everyone will regconise your talent, even if you don't announce it to the whole WORLD. Besides, these people aren't really THAT successful or great -.-, they just think they are. Senseless people. This just shows how shallow they are.


Anonymous said...

if it's me, i'm sorry........... i'm always very loud.. so if i've accidentally boasted or anything i didn't mean it to be that way.. i'm sorry, ok? :\

aikinu said...

aiyoh its not you (:
dont worry.

Canxer said...

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